To a Younger Me

Oh Sarah, you are so young. You have so much life ahead of you. You have experienced so much and so little. You are called to do great things. You will accomplish a lot, but you’ll fail a lot too. It’s okay to fail. Sometimes what you think you want isn’t what you need.

To a Younger Me |

Turns out college classes teach you a lot, but they don’t teach you everything. You will continue to learn after graduation, after a few months of freelancing, and even after you’ve been in your job for over a year. The learning never stops, and you really don’t want it to.

The world is a lot bigger than you think it is, and it all matters. The hurt, pain, and turmoil that your brothers and sisters around the world face every single day – it matters.

And hey, Dyersburg is a small town, but it’s not the smallest by any means. And you are really blessed to have such deep roots in a community. Your friends and family, the people there, the memories you have – they matter too. You have great people around you. Listen to them.

Community is a word that is spoken a lot but really hard to create. It’s hard to make friends that are interested in similar things as you. Don’t take your people for granted. Life is short! Take chances. Tell those people you love them. Sneak out to look at the stars. Dance in the street. Spend the night on the roof. Live life to the fullest.

Loss hurts. Let it. Then let it motivate you to do something and be something.

I love you and I believe in you. Keep smiling! You got this.