I Will Wait

This morning, the tree outside my window greeted me with new buds and a few little flowers. These buds were not visible yesterday, but because winter has passed and we are now officially into spring, I knew they were coming.

It is a recent discovery of mine that the seemingly desolate and quiet season of winter in necessary to make room for the new life and growth in spring. Which then, in turn, opens the door for flourishing in summer and a bountiful harvest in fall. Each season has its own benefits and elements of preparation for the next. You cannot experience the flourishing and the harvesting of summer and fall, without first walking through the resting and growing of winter and spring.

And how true this is in our own lives as well! By reflecting on each of the seasons happening around me, I can see how seasons in my personal life are preparing me for the next. I know that new life and growth are coming but sometimes I can’t see it for the cold, dreary days that I’m walking through at the time.

So, I wait.

I wait through the darkness of night, and I know the morning light will come. I wait through the winter until I feel spring coming on. I wait through the hard days of wanting it NOW.

And that darkness—that winter season—it really is hard.

But far too often I want to cease working and just sit in my season of waiting. I long for rest, so I view my call to wait as an excuse to be lazy. I sleep in. I lounge around. I binge watch Netflix, and I silently decide to hunker down until this season of waiting has passed. 

Friends, waiting is not a passive season. This is active preparation. Jesus invites us to participate in our waiting. He invites us to take action in our quiet, “winter” times of resting. He asks us to prepare for what is ahead, to trust that “in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.” (Galatians 6:9). 

I Will Wait | SarahElmore.com

If you find yourself in a season of waiting like I have, I pray that you do not come to a stagnant stop. I pray that you will not grow tired of doing good. I pray that you will never lose sight of the seasons to come, and I pray that you can learn to actively wait in the meantime.

All my love,